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Post Chemo Fatigue - Sanford research article

After Chemo I struggled with fatigue that I thought would never end. It became a source of frustration at times and I found myself retreating from my loved ones. When I was at my lowest, I started to search for ways to feel better. I experimented with foods to figure out if something I was eating might be causing the fatigue. After all the steroids I craved comfort food, full of carbs and sugar. I found myself dependent on them even after the chemo was over. Once I started cutting those things out of my diet I found a bit more energy. I also made sure to start walking regularly. The more you sit or sleep the more your body wants to do those things. It started out just 20mins and worked my way up to an hour. While I'm still not 100% back to where I was pre-chemo, I'm feeling better everyday and know it's just a matter of time until I'm back to normal. Until then, I take the small wins and gains in energy each day.

Post Chemo Fatigue can last for quite some time after you have undergone treatment. It can seem overwhelming and like...

Posted by I Choose You Everyday on Thursday, May 13, 2021