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Lazarex Cancer Foundation

Lazarex is a non-profit offering help to cancer patients. If you are in a clinical trial for cancer, getting ready to start one, have a friend or family member that could use these services, make sure to let them know. Your oncologist will need to fill out some paperwork for you, and it may take a bit to get approved, but it's a wonderful organization willing to help as much as they can.

What they help with.

  • Help identifying clinical trial optoins
  • Transportation (airfare, gas, rental cars, taxi fare, parking/tolls)
  • Lodging (short- and long-term housing)
  • Certain medical expenses not covered by insurance and necessary for clinical trial treatment

If you're able or interested in contributing please check out their website. They will be hosting a virtual fundraising event September 21, 2021. Register online