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Cancer Warrior - Me - Heather

me and marci

Can't believe this was 3 years ago. It seems like another lifetime.

3 years ago I started on one of the scariest journey's of my life. The diagnosis of Hodgkins Lyphoma threw me, but I determined it wouldn't define me. At the appointment, as soon as the dr said chemo, his voice suddenly changed to the teacher from Charlie Brown and I felt like a deer in headlights. I couldn't ask any questions, I was frozen. I allowed myself exactly 1 day to melt down. Then did tons of research to find out what exactly this was.

Before I entered 6 months of treatment I knew I would lose my hair. I decided I would chop it off before treatments began and donate it to Locks Of Love with the help of my cousin Karrie. My sister Marci decided to join me from Colorado as a sign of support. My beautiful friends Stephanie, Shelley, and Daisy, went in together to get me a super warm blanket, a journal, and a bag to carry all my stuff to treatments. Daisy and I went shopping for some comfy, warm clothes and this started the positive way I was going into treatment. I looked super cute with my haircut, stylish comfortable clothes and determined attitude. It was just another path I was chosen to walk in this life.

There were days that were harder than others. With the help of my love Jason, so much love and support from countless friends and family I was able to stay positive and pretty active throughout. There are no words to express the gratitude I feel for them everyday. Everyone's journey through this is different because we are all different people. While I won't say I'm thankful for going through it, I will say I'm thankful for the journey.

If you are someone needing support through a diagnosis, treatment or just need a shoulder to cry on, I'm here and would love to give you some of what I received. Blessings to all. Thanks for reading!